Faster, Easier, More Reliable Affidavits

emediaCenter•biz is a secure web portal and service enabling radio and television networks and national syndicators to electronically distribute and collect program and commercial information.

The service was launched by ECN in 2004 to automate the distribution, collection and analysis of commercial and promotional spot information in a real-time environment. While trade organizations and countless committees continue debating EDI goals, standards and practices, and equipment platforms, ECN took a cue from a national advertiser and “just did it.”

emediaCenter•biz can be branded and customized for your network to automate the affidavits process.  Independent of internal systems, stations gain the ability to quickly complete affidavits on-line, ensuring accurate verification and reporting of commercial information.  Currently, hundreds of stations use emediaCenter•biz, to complete and return commercial affidavits each week.

emediaCenter•biz streamlines the affidavit process by reducing or eliminating manual procedures, delays and mailing costs.  The service gives affiliates an electronic, on-line method for completing affidavits and gives networks real time verification and reporting capabilities.  And emediaCenter•biz works independent of the systems or computer limitations faced by affiliates.

With emediaCenter•biz there is:

  • Improved data integrity – Data is entered once by stations and verified through a series of quality control checks designed to meet the requirements of (and be imported into) your clearance system.
  • Increased productivity – Automated delinquent notices and other features assist clearance staff so they may focus on actual clearance issues and audits.
  • Real-time information – Network management and clearance staff may access reports on-line based on network/program and group owner.
  • Affiliate goodwill – Short cuts for spots that aired as scheduled and other user-friendly features reduce completion time and make it easy for stations to comply with contracts.
  • Reduce costs – Savings on staff time, distribution costs and data entry. 

Experience to make it work

ECN has a 17-year relationship with the broadcast community, distributing and collecting information for more than 100 ad agencies, distributors, buying services, major networks and syndicators.  This relationship is the foundation of ECN’s success:  we talk to stations, networks, systems, group owners & reps every day of the week to understand their needs and environment.

ECN’s Client Services team is located in Studio City, California and is staffed from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, to assist station users and get your affiliates on-line: 

  • Program Set-Up – Identifies which specific personnel at the station are responsible for your programs and collects contact information (email, phone, fax).
  • Affiliate Education & Training – Assists stations with on-line registration, technical set-up/troubleshooting, and training.

  • Affiliate Communications – ECN’s team communicates one-on-one with stations and uses ECN’s services (E*Fax, E*Mail, E*Voice) to communicate benefits, key features and updates.
  • Affiliate Support – Manages day-to-day technical support issues and affidavit data; registers Simulcast stations, updates station/call letter changes, distributes Delinquent Email messages and provides ongoing support to emediaCenter users.


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